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AV Watch First Hands on with New NWZ-F880 Walkman

AV Watch posted a hands on with the new F-Series walkman.  AV Watch states that no release date for Japan has been provided but like with the previous F-Series, the new one should arrive eventually.  Apart from the standard specifications, nothing new seems to be posted in the initial hands on.  The display tech is "Triluminos display for mobile" like on the Xperia line.  More photos after the break.

Click on the images for a larger size

Source: AV watch 1, 2


  1. Looks nice, can play 24-96 Flac, but only 32mb of RAM, Though this will get filled pretty quickly with 24-96 audio, should have 64Gb RAM. Is there a microSD slot? If no then Sony have shot themselves in the foot again

    1. I agree, I have just had a look at the Sony website, 32Gb RAM, no micro SD slot. Looking at my recient purchases from HD Travks: Van Halen II (692mb), ZZ Top Eliminator (967mb), Rush The Studio Albums 1989-2007 (7 Albums) 7.8Gb, they are big 32Gb will not hold many albums (I dont want to constantly resync). Do Sony listen to their customers? or are they only giving decent sized units to the Japaneese marker, ignoring everyone else.

      The Sony website only states 24-96, I have purchased music in 24-44.1, 24-48 and 24-88.2 are these supported?

      I have a 32gb x-series, looks like Sony have lost a customer!!!


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