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IFA 2013 Preview

Countdown to live stream

September always brings back cold weather, back to school and of course IFA.  This year I am not expecting much from Sony in the Walkman camp but perhaps they might surprise us.  Perhaps a new A-Series or S-Series will debut at the show or an upgrade to the F-Series, either a firmware upgrade to 4.2.2 or a new processor, but both are a long shot.  So is there anything to look forwards to?

Of course, the new Xperia Z1, aka Honami is debuting.  Apart from featuring an improved screen, top of the line SoC (snapdragon 800), large battery (3000mAh), open 3.5mm jack, a 1/2.3 camera and the most important, some variation of the S-master AMP.  At this moment it is hard to determine how good the Z1 will sound but I have high expectations of the device and might be replacing my current E-Series with the Z1 as my main MP3 player device, I will be losing the noise cancellation but I might either pick up the MDR-NC100 or MDR-NC13s to have noise cancellation with me when I travel or move around.  Unless Sony decides to include noise cancellation in the Z1, but I wouldn't expect it.

Apart from the Z1, there are 2 more devices from the Xperia brand coming, no idea what they are, so looking forwards to both.

Next is the new laptop from the Vaio division, so far only a teaser has been posted, see below.

What is it?  Will it be a Lenovo Yoga-like device or a successor to the older P-Series Vaio?  Who knows, so far nothing has leaked so both exciting and infuriating, but honestly this year, I am really looking forwards to the Sony Press event, unlike years before.

What I would like to see from Sony, is a a new walkman, something similar to the current F-Series but larger, 5-5.5 inch full-HD device, S-master AMP, 32gb, expandable slot (doubtful), noise cancellation, bluetooth, NFC and Wifi.  If only the current Xperia Z Ultra came with the S-master AMP and noise cancellation, I would pick it up in a heartbeat to use as my mp3 player. 

3 more days. ;)

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