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(Updated) Sony Japan introduces new E and S-Series Walkmans

Sony Japan has introduced a new S-series and E-Series to their lineup.  The new S-Series appears to be the current E580 but comes equipped with bluetooth (ver 2.1) and higher storage.  Apart from that there seems to be no major difference in codec support or battery life.

The new E-Series borrows the same S-Series body but drops the bluetoth capability, higher capacity, and ability to playback videos on the device.  This makes sense since this the E080 appears to be a direct successor to the older E060 model.  MP3 playback is stated to be around 36 hours.

Both feature built in noise cancellation and like the previous E and S series models, feature the same headphones, the MDR-NC31.  Codec support is identical to the new F880.  Availability is expected in the middle of October.

The S780 comes in 32, 16 and 8GB capacities, 32 only in black, white and blue, the rest come in vivid pink, blue, white, light pink, green and black.  The E080 only comes in 4GB and in red, blue and black.  Both are available with a speaker stand, 8/16GB for E780 and 4GB for E080.


NW-E083 - 10,800 yen (81 Euros)
NW-E083K - 13,800 yen (103 Euros)
NW-S784 - 14,800 yen (111 Euros)
NW-S785 - 17,800 yen (134 Euros)
NW-S787 - 20,800 yen (156 Euros)
NW-S784K - 17,800 yen (134 Euros)
NW-S785k - 20,800 yen (156 Euros)

Source: Sony JP press

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