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Sony Japan introduces a new Wireless headset for Walkman

I'm sure everyone remembers the wireless headset that shipped with the older S-Series (S760), the     MDR-NWBT10.  It seems there was an additional model in Japan that featured noise cancellation, the MDR-NWBT10N,  and now it appears Sony Japan has updated it as the MDR-NWBT20N.

Unlike the previous model, the new model features NFC and a longer battery life, 9.5hours with no NC, and 8 hours with NC on.  Bluetooth has been updated from ver. 2.1 to ver. 3.0.  The new headset is designed to work with the newly announce walkmans, ZX1 and F880, but I'd imagine it would work just as well with any new Sony mobile with NFC.

Pricing is around 8000 yen (60 Euros) and availability is slated for October 19th.  5 colours options, black, white, vivid pink, blue, and light pink.  This is a fantastic product, when Sony announced the new Xperia Z1, but it lacked both any dedicated amp or noise cancellation I was a bit disappointing, so I feel this new headset partly remedies this.  The same goes fro the new ZX1 which lacks built in noise cancellation.

Perosnally I hope I can find a reseller or retailer that would be willing to ship this to Poland, since it would go perfect with my Z1.  If anyone knows any sites that ship Japanese electronics to Europe, please leave a comment below.

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