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(Update) Breaking news: New Walkman's coming

It seems there will be 2 new walkmans from Sony, perhaps 1, but I saw 2 at the press conference online now, stay tuned for more information. Exciting :D

Update - It seems the other walkman is a successor to X/Z walkmans and due in February for the Walkman's 35th anniversary. Thanks anonymous.

As one can see there seem to be 2 devices, not sure if they are different, but the one on the right seems to be the new F-Series, the site buttons match up, where as the device on the left might be a larger newer player, perhaps a new Z-Series?  If anyone sees any other images of the 2 walkmans, please post a link or email me to post it up.


  1. There are two theories that I can think of

    1) Its new Walkman Z
    2) A new XPERIA Walkman phone that yet to be announced

  2. I can´t wait for this new walkman player.

  3. That is the Walkman ZX.

    Supposedly a successor to both the Z and X series, and to commemorate 35th anniversary of walkman.

    Will be available in feb next year.

    1. Thanks for the information, makes sense since it seems. bigger than the f series.

      I'd assume a full HD screen, fast cpu, large battery, all the bells and whistles like wifi, NFC, bluetooth, noise cancellation, and as thin as possible.

      Perhaps this explains the average screen resolution and the same headphones as the new E series.

    2. Is that going to be a standalone Player or a Walkman Phone?

  4. I dont want to do anything with it except listen to music, radio and watching videos


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