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Sony Asia Pacific introduces the ZX-Series

Enjoy Ultimate Sound Quality in High-Resolution Audio Like You’ve Never Experienced Before: The Walkman® ZX1 from Sony

(ASIA PACIFIC, 30 December 2013) – Sony is proud to announce the launch of the Walkman® NWZ-ZX1, designed especially for those who demand the very best in music playback quality while on the move. Utilising its proprietary audio technologies and support for High-Resolution Audio1 to offer up to seven times the audio quality than what a CD2 can deliver, Sony has developed a high-performance portable music player that takes listeners right into the recording studio or concert.

Click here for the full press release (PDF)

The ZX1 will be available from February 2014, no price was provided.  The ZX1 seems to use a slightly older and perhaps outdated processor.  Depending which model # Sony opted for, the processor is either from Q1 2011, Q4 2011 or Q2 2012, which is odd considering the ZX1 is supposed to the be the uber premium top of the line walkman.  Can't seem to find the processor used in the new F-Series, so if anyone knows it, please post a comment.

Thanks Geoff


  1. ZX1 and F880 have same processor OMAP™4 Cortex-A9 dual core 1.0GHz
    source : http://www.sony.jp/CorporateCruise/Press/201309/13-0925B/

    I'm glad ZX1 have international version not japan only model sale


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