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NWZ-A860 Service Manual

Hey everyone, here is the NWZ-A86x service manual.  You should be able to enter the service menu to remove any volume caps but at your own risk.  Although there is no guarantee that the cap will be removed.  The key combination seems to be different from the original set back from 2012.  Thanks to Robert for bringing this to my attention.

I have tried this on my E570 but it does not seem to enter the service menu, so if anyone gets it to work, please leave a comment here.  More instructions what to do once you enter the service menu after the break.

Link to file

If anyone is able to remove the volume cap, please post what you did so other users are able to remove the cap as well.  If the file link doesn't work please let me know.  Thanks.



  1. Great, many thanks. I´ve been looking for this. The problem lies in the sound pressure regulation which is locked on the A86xx touchscreen and cant be changed to off

  2. I tested an app that removes the sound limit and changes the destination settings of the nwz-a867. It was published yesterday by the guys of rockbox. I verified the changes in the service menu and the sound without the cap is great. Published under the code ad9a2d5: nwztools/plattools: add a tool to change destination and sound pressure. So far there are keys working for these devices nwz-e450, nwz-e460, nwz-a860; nw-a820, nwz-a10, nwz-a20, nwz-zx100, nwz-e580

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