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New Sony A-Series and WS-Series coming to Sony Singapore

Sony Singapore will be offereing both the new A-Series and WS-Series.  The A-Series will be offered in silver/black and in 16 and 64GB capacities, where as the WS-series will come in 16GB capacity and in yellow, black and blue.  There is no pricing information provided unfortunately.

As for other regions, I am not sure if Sony is waiting for an official presentation in Japan, or will slowly and quietly roll out the new Walkmans in the Asia Pacific region over the next few months.

The new A-Series and WS-Series already received certification in Korea, so it should technically be available there soon.

If anyone finds any pricing information or availability for the new Walkmans for the Asia Pacific region, please post a comment or email me and I will update the post.


  1. Sony Australia are offering the A15 in black only for $249 AUD coming in November. It is not yet listed on the website but has been announced on their Facebook page.
    I'm incredibly disappointed that we are not getting the A17 or a choice of colours, but this is fairly typical for Sony Au. I'll probably import from elsewhere, as usual.

  2. Where would you order yours from price japan? i want the blue one but the uk will not be getting that


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