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New Sony A-Series appears on Sony Hong Kong

The new A-Series has shown up on the Sony Hong Kong site, priced at 1,580 HKD, which is roughly 160 Euros, so substantially cheaper than in Europe.  Both models will be available the A17 and A15.  Price for the A17 is 2,380 HKD, or 240 Euros, and it ships in 4 different colours, red, blue, black and silver.

Expected availability seems to be late September to mid October.

Some interesting information from the site, it seems bluetooth is v2.1, would have assumed Sony would move to v3 or v4 or even v4 LE.  In addition it seems the M-Series is now available (Since September 11) in Hong Kong, 8GB for 980 HKD or around 100 Euros.

Tempted to import both, since they would have no volume cap.


  1. what online shop can ship this worldwide?

    1. Good question, if I can't find anything online, I'll make a post asking someone if they know a website.

  2. I really hope this gets released as stated on the 16th of october

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  4. what do you mean when you say there wouldnt be a volume cap? do you mean that the hong kong versions will be louder than the us/eu and jp versions?

    im 100% on board for buying an a17 but the differences between the models in each region is bogging down my decision making. japans has the noise cancellation, but if this one is louder that might be better because i use high impedance headphones and it might supplement the need for an external amp.

  5. Hi there, big fan of your blog from Hong Kong. Just some info your readers might find interesting. Confirmed that HK version will support 128GB micro sd cards, according to Sony HK's facebook page.


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