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Sony Officially introduces the new A-Series Walkman

Sony gives you more ways to enjoy High-Resolution Audio on the move

Sony Walkman NWZ-A15, NWZ-A17Sony Walkman NWZ-A15, NWZ-A17

High-Resolution Audio brings you closer to the spirit and soul of the artist’s original performance – just as you’d hear it on stage or in the recording studio. Now Sony offers an expanded range of options for enjoying pristine Hi-Res sound at home, on holiday or the daily commute.
Packing audiophile performance into a pocket-sized player, the Walkman® A15 sets an exciting new benchmark in sound and style. It’s joined by a choice of Hi-Res headphones and a new headphone amplifier to wrap you in a sumptuous listening experience.

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Walkman A15

The world’s smallest and lightest High-Resolution Audio digital music player, the exquisitely styled Walkman® NWZ-A15 immerses you in a world of vivid, richly detailed sound.
Bringing true audiophile credentials to portable High-Resolution Audio players, Walkman® A15 showcases Sony’s unique S-Master HX digital amplifier. This advanced technology accurately processes massive amounts of wide-bandwidth audio data while minimising noise and distortion. It’s also highly efficient, allowing up to 30 hours battery life while enjoying Hi-Res sources or an even longer 50 hours listening time with MP3.

Walkman® A15 borrows details you’d expect from top-end hi-fi components, like high-purity lead-free solder that’s used extensively within the player for finely-detailed sound with balanced lows, mids and highs. In addition, the power supply line strengthened by thickened wires offers reduced impedance, reducing distortion and ensuring deep, resounding bass. The extremely rigid aluminium die-cast chassis further reduces electrical noise and stabilises sound reproduction. And instead of conventional ceramic capacitors, a high-grade POSCAP capacitor is used as the charge pump for the S-Master HX digital amplifier to minimise noise and distortion even further.

Even if you’re listening to lower-bitrate CD recordings or heavily compressed MP3 files, DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) HX technology upscales the quality of compressed sound sources to surpass CD quality by intelligently recreating lost high-frequency information. You’ll be rewarded by near-High Resolution clarity for your whole music collection.

There’s plenty of space to satisfy voracious music lovers. 16GB internal memory can be increased via the microSD memory card slot to accommodate extensive Hi-Res audio libraries.

The Walkman® NWZ-A15 High-Resolution Audio player will be available in Europe from October 2014.


  1. between NWZ-F886 and NWZ-A15 which is better?

  2. S-master HX amplifier CHECK
    30 hours with HiRes or 50 with MP3 CHECK
    Aluminium frame and beautiful design CHECK
    MicroSD CHECK
    Compact size CHECK
    physical Buttons CHECK

    Under my Christmas tree you'll be NWZ-A15 :D

    Also when I was wondering about the price I thought 180-200€ so for me the price is ok!

  3. also on th official site I've seen some pics in which it is PINK/RED, CYAN and WHITE...
    Also for the guy over here...
    it depends on your needs...
    Fpr me it is way better the A15... I need it only for music! nothing else... and in that regard it seems to be the best! Hi res support, 30 to 50 hours of reproduction and so on...
    if you need also video and photo reproduction than go for the F886... better and bigger screen :)

    1. It has different colours? Do you have a link to the different colours?

    2. Do you know if this new A series walkman can create its own playlist on the device or we have to use media go to make playlist.

    3. If it is using the same OS as in the older walkmans then I do not believe there will be on the go playlists. I use windows explorer to make my playlists and not media go.

      This is the fastest way to make playlists for me.


      you can re-arrange the songs once in the playlists and edit them using windows explorer, basically freeing you from media go.

    4. Thanks for the tips. But its a crying shame that we need plug in just to make a simple playlist. Please update us if you can when you get yours hand on it. Still on the fence of buying it. By the way great site.

    5. Thanks for the compliments, I will try to get my hands on both the new A-Series and new M-Series and review them both, currently testing out the current W-Series and will have a review up for this by October and I am contemplating whether to review the WH series.

    6. Have you ever use the NWZ-s760. Think that OS is same like the A17. Someone just gave me some info that theres a bookmark function. Its somewhat like a playlist function. Do you have any idea about it?

    7. If the OS is anything like the current walkmans, then as you mention there is a bookmark feature which is basically 5 different lists you can make and add song to each list, the maximum number of songs in each list is 100.

      you can also re-order the songs in the list, when in the bookmark list, press option and select edit song order.

      I do not use the feature but it is handy to have since you can throw in song you want and remove them, but it takes too long and too many buttons need pressing.

    8. If A17 have that function than I'm good. Can't wait for the review. Thanks you so much.

  4. It appears that the 299.99 price is for the 64GB version...not that bad, then.

    1. Yup I realized that as well once I checked the specs on sony.com. I will be grabbing the 16GB model here in europe once it is on sale.

  5. It's now supports micro SD, nice.

  6. It's now supports micro SD, nice.

  7. My disappointment on this is that you cannot view the folders from the micro SD only from all songs/albums/artist etc. view :( hope that they have an update for this as I have already arrange my music files in the micro SD.


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