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Teaser of new Sony Walkman A-Series (NWZ-A10) (Updated)

Sony Walkman NWZ-A10, NWZ-A15, NWZ-A17

  • 2 colours - Silver and Black
  • no noise cancellation
  • Audio Out via the WM-port to Hi-Res compatible Sony Equipment (ex ), this uses a WM-Port to USB which then can be attached to a USB cable to the Coaxil digital in on the UDA-A1, on the SRS-X9, the connections seems to be into the regular audio in 3.5mm.
  • Internal and external memory seem to be separate with access to the micro-sd via an icon in the menu
  • no controls on the left side, right side has vol +/-, Hold switch, and micro-sd slot which is covered
  • NFC on the back near the top
  • Seems to be able to drive MDR-1R headphones
So far I only know of 2 colours, black and silver, the build seems to be metal but could also be plastic.  As the page mentions, there will be Hi-Res audio support.  Bluetooth 3.0 with aptX, apparently no noise cancellation.

If anyone has anymore photos, please send them my way ascariss@gmail.com

Image source via Daum


  1. I'm hyped as f**k... if it also will have metallic structure than HELLYEAH! i do not care about NC... as long as it have S-master and Hi-res! Also YAY for phisics button
    PS: on the same page you can see also a new pair of headphones and earcuffs!
    How does it feel seeing it in person?

    1. I only saw photos, not physically in my hands unfortunately. It looked good, much higher quality from the previous walkmans.

  2. Also it looks like the more time passes the more the pics get clearer in the Teaser page :3

    1. Full image of the device now posted :)

    2. INSTANT CRUSH (song cit.)
      No really I love how they leave the idea of touch screen behind (as seen in the NWZ-A865) and just went with phisical buttons instead... and also that they changed the layout (bye bye iPod wannabe)
      For me it is a 9/10 as design, that layout without too many indication is awesome! the LOCK, PLAY, VOLUME... buttons on the side are there... I'm really intrigued... I hoped for a bigger screen (a bit) but it is ok like these... I would like to know actual size!

  3. I'm pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of hi-res capabilities. If priced right, I will add it alongside my Z1060 (whose sound I still love). Looking forward to more Walkmans coming!

  4. Do you know if there will be the S-Master MX (seeing that even the M-series has it)?
    That with the microSD support and a long battery will be the deal breaker for me...
    also what do you mean with "Seems to be able to drive MDR-1R headphones"?
    I have those wonderful earphones and theey work so good with the Xperia Z2! :3

  5. it looks like you have updated the Header of your sites including the M series and the new NWZ-A10... and that pics also show the screen on with the UI visible and a diamond shaped wallpaper... :P do you have new pics for us? ihihihih

    1. Yes more pictures will be coming soon, A and WS series.


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