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What Hi-Fi? Preview of Sony NWZ-A15

What Hi-Fi? have a quick preview/review of the new A-Series from the IFA show floor.  Here is what they thought.
Obviously it's a little tricky to put the player through its paces on a noisy show floor, so we'll be looking to give the A15 a serious listen when we get our own review sample.

Some may see the lack of a touchscreen as a slightly retrograde step, but again this will be easier to judge the more time we spend with the player.

Nevertheless, it's good to see the high-res Walkman family grow and become more affordable. You'll still need a high-capacity micro SD card if you own oodles of high-res music, and it does mean double-parking a dedicated music player and smartphone, but as a means of becoming involved in your own high-res revolution, this could be a decent place to start.

Rest of review here What HiFi

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