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Is the Smart B-Trainer the future of the W-Series?

Shown as a concept at CES 2015, the device resembles a W-Series but with a more premium look.  Like the W-Series, it is waterproof but comes with a heart rate monitor, GPS radio and an accelerometer.  The B-Trainer does require a smartphone which syncs to the device to provide information like how far you have run, heart rate and calories burned.  As seen in the above video, the B-Trainer provides words of encouragement either to slow down, speed up or keep going.  There is no word from Sony when this will be available, but I would bet we will see this soon in stores, but whether it will replace the W270 or will come as a new model remains to be seen.  Pricing should be higher than the current WS-Series due to the addition of the additional tech.

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