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New ZX100 and A20 Walkamans Pass through E-Postel

The new ZX100 and A20 Walkmans passed through E-Postel last week, meaning we will definitely see these at IFA this year.  Not sure what updates the A-Series will bring but hopefully improved SD card control and integration.  As for the ZX100, with a name like this, it could mean it sits above the ZX2 but I have no information regarding this model yet.


  1. It seems the ZX100 will sit below the ZX2, replacing the ZX1. I hope that, in addition to including the now standard micro SD slot, it also updates the now very old CPU (which dates back to the original Z series, engineered in 2011). I'm ready to jump into a new flagship (or semi-flagship Walkman), but it really needs to leave behind the rather sluggish processor. I guess we'll see at IFA.

    1. hopefully more information will soon leak, otherwise we will have to wait till IFA.

  2. Replies
    1. indeed it is I, since google forced me to join google+ in order to continue posting on blogger, I had to change my login from ascariss sadly.


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