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Sony IFA 2015 Press Conference (Live at 16:15 CET)

IFA officially starts today, well press days, and Sony will be holding their press conference at 16:15-17:00 CET today.  The live stream will appear at this link, but I will add the stream to this post once it is available.  Here are the times for various time zones.

Tokyo - 2 September, 23:15:00
New York - 2 September, 10:15:00
Los Angeles - 2 September, 07:15:00
London - 2 September, 15:15:00
Sydney - 3 September, 00:15:00
Singapore - 2 September, 22:15:00

Expected at the show should be the new ZX100 and A20 Walkmans.  Maybe Sony will bring something else, be it a lower end model or something but I doubt it.  Apart from that, the new Xperias will be shown which should be exciting.

Some photos of the prep just before the show.

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