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Sony Walkman A27 Available on Amazon.com

The new Sony Walkman A27 is available on Amazon.com for $499.99. The price is a lot more expensive than the previous A17 ($299.99), so not really sure why Sony jacked up the price. The only new additions are NC and headphones from what was described in the press release.  I can't even find the new A series here on sale in Poland, but Amazon Germany has it listed for 399 Euros which is an insane price, the16GB model is listed for 279 Euros.


  1. Yikes. Well, those are supposed to be pretty good earphones and they sell for $150 even at AccessoryJack. As a potential consumer, though, I'd rather have the choice to buy it without the earphones and with no memory, supplying my own with microSD.

    Also I think they should incorporate streaming music services to it, like Spotify.

  2. Supplied NC headphones suck. I got them only cuz I needed NC for travel. Soundwise - very mediocre.

    1. Not surprising, the driver is only 9mm, even the older MDR-NC31s have a larger driver at 13.5mm. Sure they may have a higher frequency response but doubt people would even notice.

    2. Yeah I may have mistaken which earphones they were based on the picture. I'm not sure it says in the Amazon listing? Well, it's $100 cheaper now.

      This is not an official listing by Sony, but a third party seller. He has just the A25 listed for $225:



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