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Sony Launches new WS Walkman

Sony boosts Wearable line-up with launch of new WS413 / WS414 Walkman
  • All-in-one design delivers quality sound anytime, anywhere with easy connectivity and an improved sleek, wearable fit
  • New salt-water / dust proof design for use with increased range of sports
  • Introducing ‘Ambient Sound’ mode for enhanced user experience
Take your music to new places with the brand new wearable WS413 / WS414 Walkman. A new, tough, salt water and dust proof design allows you to enjoy more activities in a wider variety of conditions;it can accompany you on your morning swim in the pool, your evening jog along the beach or your yearly hike up a snowy mountain.

Listening to music whilst exercising is a true motivator, so why not make it easier than ever? A wire-free round and seamless shape makes the fit comfortable and perfect for slipping over the ear, so you don’t need to worry about the Walkman slipping at a crucial time.

The WS413 / WS414 wearable Walkman from Sony is now salt-water proof and dust proof (saltwater proof and dust proof to an IPX65/68 rating) so you can listen to your favourite songs whilst enjoying water sports such as kayaking or swimming and its sleek design eliminates drag interference so you are not restricted in any way. This has been enabled by the addition of an internal terminal which resists any accumulation of foreign particles and is highly corrosion-resist. A rustproof coating on the surface of the front case ensures that your Walkman® is protected both inside and out.

The WS413 / WS414 comes equipped with both everyday earbuds, and specially designed waterproof earbuds that are covered with a thin film to form a barrier against water getting through without compromising comfort.

But you don’t have to be in to sports to enjoy the WS413 / WS414 Walkman. The sand tolerance means it’s great for those beach days and exotic holidays. The unique sealed structure equalizes compression ratios, ensuring that your Walkman     stays Dustproof in a variety of environments. The supported temperature feature has been extended means you can use your Walkman® to its full potential in temperatures from -5°C to 45°C.

You can also remain conscious of the voices and noises around you should you so wish with the new Ambient Sound mode. In-built microphones pick up ambient sounds around you allowing you to stay in touch with your surrounding environment without having to remove the device or lower the volume. This means you can communicate with your jogging buddy or yoga instructor without having to pause your motivational music.

The WS413 / WS414 Walkman is available in Europe in March 2016 priced at approximately €120 (WS413) and €110 (WS414).

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  1. Bought these, regret it, they have no bass (I listen to a lot of jazz and know that there's a guy playing bass in there somewhere but you can not hear it). in addition the volume is limited to the point that a car engine drowns it out (making the ambient sound feature fairly pointless considering all ambient sound will be louder than the headphones)


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