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Sony E-Series (E390) Walkman

It seems I missed the introduction of a new E-Series Walkman earlier this year, so I will just post it up now for those who missed it as well.

The new E390 Series was announced back in late February of this year and it should be available to purchase in most countries by now.  Looking at Sony sites from Canada, USA and Europe, it appears the new E is already available with pricing similar to the previous model.  In the Europe it ships in red/black/blue either in 4 or 8 GB, but availability depends on country.  In the USA and Canada, availability again varies, officially only black and 8GB in Canada and red/black in 8GB in the USA.  But browsing Amazon shows 16GB models in red or black but it does not ship from Amazon by a 3rd party supplier.

In general there seems to be little difference between the E390 and E380, both feature a micro usb port and lack a WM-port, both have 4.5 cm screen with 128x160 resolution and both identical file support.  The main differences is design, 5 more hours of quoted battery life and less weight, 39g vs 52g.  That being said, I prefer the design of the new E390 since it appears less toy like  as was evident with the older E380.

I doubt I will review this model but if I am able to convince Sony to send me a review unit I will test it out and post up a review.

Her are some links for online manuals:

Various European manual click here

General English manual all on one page

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