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Upcoming Wireless Sony headphones


Sony will be releasing 3 new wireless headphones shortly, either later this Summer or during IFA 2016 with a Fall release date.  Two of the sets will be in ear, while the last set will feature a standard over the ear design.

The first model is the MDR-ZX220BT, slotting below the current ZX330BT headphones or possibly even replacing them at a lower price point.  I am not expecting anything spectacular in the sound department from these headphones but they do seem to be a better design than the V150s I reviewed earlier.  Colour options might just be black but knowing Sony they might offer white as well but I would not expect funky colours like the h.ear on line.

(click for larger size)

The next 2 models are from the XB line (EXTRA BASS), MDR-XB70BT and MDR-XB80BS.  While both are in ear type headphones, it seems the XB80 model could feature controls for hands free calling, but I am only assuming this because of the apparent controls on the right unit (see top image).
While difficult to see any details, the XB70 model also has some kind of controls on the left unit (image below), but the FCC documents do not provide enough information to determine what those controls are. 

(click for larger size)

I would imagine all 3 headphones will be equipped with NFC to allow quick and easy connection to bluetooth enabled devices but so far only the XB80 image shows a NFC logo on the left side.  As for pricing, difficult to say, the ZX220 might retail anywhere from 35-50 dollars but that is judging by the ZX330BTs price.  As for the XB70 and 80, that is a bit more difficult to judge, the only XB in ear model in the US is the MDR-XB50 but this model is not wireless.  Using the XB50s price as a base, then perhaps the XB70 and 80 could retail for perhaps 65-90 dollars in the US, but this remains to be seen.

If anyone has anymore information about these headphones, please contact me. :)


  1. I'm still waiting for some amazing XB headphones to replace my XB950BT

  2. Again! XB haedphones, why not EX like ex1000, ex600,... :( I missed them.

    1. I feel the EX1000s and 600s were replaced by the XBA-A line, mainly the A3 and Z5.


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