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New A-Series Walkman coming soon

As with previous years (2015, 2014), Sony is on track to introduce the 3rd generation of the current A-Series Walkman.  The new NW-A30 should ship this Fall after an introduction at IFA 2016 and be available in 3 different capacities, 16, 32 and 64GB.  Like previous versions, the new A will feature NFC and bluetooth, most likely version 3.0 like the previous model.  This seems to be confirmed by the FCC documents, as the bluetooth is labelled as classic.

Unlike previous years, the FCC documents this year do not give any indication about the design of the new A30, so perhaps either a new design is in the works or Sony will just reuse the current design.  Hopefully the microSD card slot remains.

Source: FCC, Postel
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