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New Sony XBA headphones coming this Fall

This upcoming fall, Sony will release two brand headphone sets from the XBA line, the XBA-N1 and XBA-N3.  This is great news since the previous line of XBA headphones never made it to Europe or outside of Asia to my understanding.  Amazon UK has both sets up for pre-order with an estimated release of around October 10th.  Pricing will not be cheap, but then the XBA line has always been more expensive.  The XBA-N1 will cost 150 GBP or 199 Euros, and the XBA-N3 will cost 220 GBP or 299 Euros.

Both sets feature the HD Hybrid driver system; the system is comprised of a 9mm dynamic driver and a balanced armature driver.  Here is how Sony describes the system:

The 9mm dynamic driver maintains drive force for deep bass and clear mids without dropping off like other drivers, while the airtight Balanced Armature driver provides natural high frequency sound for longer. Both drivers work together to keep sound response steady across the frequencies.

Both the N1 and N3 feature Beat Response Control which improves the transient characteristics in bass sound and delivers accurate rhythm.  As with previous XBA headphones, both the N1 and N3 feature detachable cables permitting greater flexibility.   Options include a balanced cable with separate left and right ground wires for less crosstalk and noise, and a Bluetooth upgrade cable for wireless listening.  Unfortunately no information is provided when those accessories will be available or for what price.

What sets the N1 and N3 apart?  Aside from price, weight and colour, the XBA-N3 features  Sound Space Control.  What is it?  This is how Sony explains it:

With an extended enclosure behind the dynamic driver and an acoustic tube that ventilates the air, Sound Space Control delivers a wider sound space. Enjoy a more open and spacious sound with rich mid notes, balanced lows and highs, and smoother sound reproduction.

Both models are High-Resolution Audio capable and feature Triple-comfort earbuds which are designed to be worn for long periods of time. A combination of softness and firmness reduces ambient noise while increasing wearing comfort.

If I find a full press release I will post it here below, but I have not been able to locate one just yet.  I am sure these were at IFA but SonyVores has some hands on photos on their website.  While Sonyvores mentions a XBA-N2, I do not see anything on any website regarding that model, so I feel only the N1 and N3 will be sold in Europe.  Just like my XBA-A3s, the XBA-N models are also made in Thailand.  So will anyone be picking up a pair of these once they go on sale?


  1. I bought 2 sets of xba-n3 one for me and another for my gf in Korea, and i compared this earphone sets with others such as IE800, AKG-K3003, XBA-Z5,SHURE-535,and do force models and I eventually made up my mind on XBA-n3, it was great with a fine proper balancing, and the feeling of fit is very comfortable way more than Z5,XBA3,SHure,but it sure that shure products the best balance earphones nodoubt.I like N3 pretty much although price it costs alittle too high.


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