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Sony Australia Pricing for NW-A30 Walkman

Sony Australia has announced the pricing for the new A30 and it is a lot more expensive than the older A20 model.

The A35 (16GB) will cost $349 AUD /w GST ($256 USD, 236 Euro) and will be available in November in all 5 colour options. The A36 (32GB) will cost $449 AUD /w GST ($340 USD, 305 Euro)  and will be also be available in November but will only ship in Charcoal black.  To compare the older A25 model without headphones cost $270 AUD, but I do believe this model did not ship with the NC headphones.  So it appears Walkman fans around the world should expect to pay a higher price for the new A30; perhaps Sony justifies this by the new Touchscreen, DSD playback support and design.  There is a chance the user interface has received an update, so until a full manual shows up or a hands on is released we are in the dark.

On a side note, the WM1A will cost $1,349 AUD, cheaper than the current ZX2 price at $1,599 AUD but more expensive than the ZX100 ($799 AUD).

So will anyone be buying the new A-Series?  What about the new WM1 models? Anyone willing to spend 1200 Euros (WM1A) or 3000 Euros (WM1Z) for a Walkman in the near future?


  1. I would consider the ZX100 or (if possible) a 64GB version of the new A30. Anything over $1k is asking just a bit much...

  2. I have the sony nwzx100 for high storage capacity and battery life, the new model has less of all, for me it is a step backwards sadly

  3. Price may be half of it.what you pay is what you get..


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