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Sony Introduces the MDR-Z1R Headphones

Sony pushes the boundaries with ultimate ‘Signature Series’ audio range
  • Made up of pure audio headphones, Walkman® and headphone amplifier
  • Delivering exceptional sound quality with High Resolution Audio
  • Engineered with meticulous attention to detail and using the highest quality materials
This ‘Signature Series’ showcases Sony’s engineering excellence in audio and has been specially made for the ultimate sound experience. Perfect to sit back, relax and enjoy your favourite tracks. Designed to complement each other as a ‘Signature Series’, together the headphones, Walkman® and amplifier bring the ultimate sound quality to your ears.

Celebrating its 70 anniversary year, Sony has taken a look back at its prestigious audio heritage, like the world famous Walkman®. Using the very latest technology, the design and engineering teams have created this series to give you the highest quality, pure audio sound; this is Sony’s signature for sound quality. With High Resolution Audio capability and innovative convergence of superior analog and digital technologies, the best seat in the house is yours with the Signature Series.

This series of audio products faithfully conveys the heart and soul that artists pour into their music, from the sublime resonance of an orchestra to the overflowing passion of a live concert. Together they push sound to an entirely new realm – taking the headphone experience from “listening” to “feeling”.

All Signature Series products are based on the newly standardized φ4.4mm balanced connection. Sony has continued its pursuit of the ultimate materials and structures for reproducing the best sound possible, taking an unconventional approach to design. The organic shapes visible in every detail reflect a design based on the laws of physics for creating superior audio quality, and all materials have been selected based on the principals of acoustic design.

Atmosphere and musical detail
The MDR-Z1R headphones have a wide frequency range that gives the luxury of a natural and open soundstage with up to 120kHz playback in High Resolution Audio. The 70mm HD driver unit increases the sound space to create natural sounds with controlled airflow and flat plane waves.

Exclusively engineered using the best materials and handcrafted by artisans for the ultimate sound experience, has meant this pair of headphones is made in Japan. The new Fibonacci-patterned grill design is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence in nature[1]. With its equalised opening to ensure minimal sound colouration and faithful reproduction of High Resolution Audio sources. Owing to the Resonance Free Housing for elimination of unnecessary resonance, the sound has real atmosphere and fine detail, perfect for late nights in the library.

This exquisite product exhibits high-class luxury in every component, from the genuine leather ergonomic ear pads and lightweight beta titanium headband, to the stainless steel wire mesh housing protector.

High quality amplification

The clear, dynamic sound provided in the TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier, enables higher sound quality through your headphones. Offering a new standard for headphone amplifier listening, this product will deliver the superior sound of High Resolution Audio (Up to DSD 22.4MHz/PCM 768kHz/32bit) for a truly musical home listening experience.

The D.A. Hybrid Amplifier Circuit gives the combination of Sony’s full digital amplifier S-Master HX™ together with analog amplifier, and satisfies both preserving fine detail sound of S-Master HX and low distortion sound with the support of analog amplifier.

The newly developed Frame/Beam/Wall (FBW) chassis combines Wall structure with the familiar FB chassis that has been cultivated in the ES series. The Wall is created by shaving extruded aluminium and realises a ridged body that can suppress unnecessary vibration. Also the Acoustically Tuned Panel achieves the ideal sound while controlling vibration and resonance.

For preserving the feeling of original sound, ZH1ES has new DSEE HX and DSD Remastering Engine which converts PCM source to DSD 11.2MHz.

Compatibility is key with the ZH1ES and although this product is best enjoyed with a combination of the new Z1R headphones and WM1Z/WM1A, it is compatible with other models. With various inputs and a wide range of balanced outputs, plus unbalanced connections, you can enjoy music in very high quality with variety of headphones, without any compromise.

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