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Sony NW-A30 & NW-WM1 Walkman Hands on Videos

Phile-Web has a hands on with the new A-Series and WM1-Series.  A quick preview of the updated menu and UI can be see in the video for the new A-Series.  The menu systems seem a bit choppy and not as smooth as it should be, so I hope this is not the case once the device goes on sale. 

On a side note, Sony China has the new A-Series up on their site and it appears they will be receiving all 3 versions (A35, A36, A37) and in all 5 colours.


  1. I'm so excited to see Sony double down on hi-res Walkmans! I can't afford the gold one but I am interested into reading the specs about it when it comes out.

  2. Do you think Sony will replace the ZX100 soon? This A35 looks like it's aimed at teenagers. Not a fan of this.


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