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Sony WM1 Series Unveiled

Sophisticated and iconic

The iconic Walkman® is revamped for ultimate sound quality with the flagship WM1 series, including NW-WM1Z and NW-WM1A. A superb listening experience is possible with these digital music players that can handle any music file from the High Resolution Audio end of the scale to low quality mp3. Also, thanks to new DSEE HX™ it has five modes that you can select based on the type of music you are listening to; Standard, Female Vocal, Male Vocal, Percussion or Strings. This technology means it can carefully upscale lower bit rate files to near High Resolution Audio quality. The new Walkman®’s can deliver music with purity, precision and a natural acoustic balance.

Design is key while pursuing high quality sound, the WM1Z has a gold plated oxygen free copper chassis showcasing Sony’s excellence in engineering. And each component is sourced with meticulous attention to detail.

With its own easy to use menu this music player has a variety of modes to bring out the best in your music. The optimized audio line and clock control are just a few more of the star features for laidback listening. While the cable used inside the WM1Z is four wire braided cable engineered with KIMBER KABLE® used as the wiring material from the amp to the headphone jack. This achieves the richly expressive and refined audio quality.

This iconic product also has the much needed wireless features of Bluetooth®, LDAC™ so you can play your audio files from multiple sources.

A newly developed FT CAP(High polymer capacitor)has been built into the power supply of the amp section. Expansive transparency of vocals and instruments has been improved to achieve sharp, powerful bass notes.

For those who prefer a sleek and aluminium finish on the chassis there is also the NW-WM1A that gives low chassis resistance for clear and powerful bass notes. With its special oxygen-free copper cable used as the wiring material from the amp to the headphone jack for a powerful sound quality.

And here is the pricing.

NW-WM1Z is priced at around €3300

NW-WM1A is priced at around €1200


  1. 3300 Euros to expensive to justify buying. I was hoping for a ZX2 upgrade, it's more usable, the Android OS allows for streaming (new models have the old Sony OS) and general web use, these days a Wi-Fi enabled device is essential. Looks like I'll have to save hard to get a ZX2 before they are discontinued.

    1. I think the whole idea of the ZX2 is to load it with Hi-Res files. That's why it has relative large memory, further expandable with microSD card. It never even crossed my mind to use the device for streaming or Wi-Fi. The new WM1-series even more so is designed to use cables all round with its additional balanced audio output and native DSD. As far as aesthetics go, I like the ZX2 better. Once again, I'd never thought of using it for streaming. Fully downloaded file I think it's far better concept for high quality audio.

  2. NWM-1A and the 1z have no Wi-Fi/streaming capabilities.


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