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Firmware Update: NW-A35/NW-A36/NW-A37 - Version 1.01

Sony has released (10-11-2016) a new firmware update for the new A30 Walkman.  The following models are supported for the update:
  • NW-A35 / NW-A35HN / NW-A36HN / NW-A37HN
 The following changes from version 1.00:
  • Improves overall operation and stability
If you own the new A30 Walkman, please check before upgrading to determine if you need this upgrade.  To check you device firmware, follow these instructions:
  1. Tap the [Options/Settings] icon, in the bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Select the [Settings] menu
  3. Scroll until the bottom and choose the [Unit Information] menu
    Confirm the Model number and firmware version
Sony Europe link Here

Sony Asia link Here

Sony Japan link Here


  1. Very strange, providing updates for devices that are not available in Europe on Sony's European site.

    Does this mean the imminent release of the A series in Europe? Also noticed that it's for the full range, does that mean a 64Gb A series for Europe?

  2. If I buy the Asia Model, is there German as a language option? Could I install the Europe Update and get German as a option?

    1. The asian model from Singapore or Malaysia, should feature German for a language, if it does not, it should at least feature English as a backup. All previous international models featured all language options for the world.

  3. Hi The link to download the sony firmware from Asia doesn't work.

    If I was to put the European fireware on my Asian A36 player would it cap the volume ?


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