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Sony to launch new WS model soon

Sony has filed a new FCC application for the WS620 Walkman, the successor to the WS610.  Design wise the new WS will be similar to the cheaper WS410.  To differentiate the two models, the WS620 will ship with a remote (RMT-NWS10B) like the WS610.  Two models will be available, 4 GB (WS623) and 16GB (WS625), with both shipping with the Bluetooth remote.  Colour options might follow the WS410 for inspiration, black, ivory, blue and lime green or will have the same selection as the new A-Series (red, pink, yellow, green, black).  Support for Sony's SongPal application should also be available as with the previous model.  Pricing should be identical to the current model.  I would imagine a CES 2017 debut.

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  1. I purchased a Sony Walkman WS615 on the 17th October 2016 from the Sony store in Singapore especially for swimming.The earbuds fell of /dislodged from my ears during my first lap. I Returned the Sony Walkman to the store requesting a refund which was refused. I started Court proceedings on the 20th October against Sony on the grounds that IT WAS NOT FIT FOR THE PURPOSE FOR WHICH IT WAS SOLD. On the 12th December 2016 the Court ruled against Sony and ordered Sony to pay me the full purchase price plus disbursements.
    I hope your readers will note my sour experience with Sony.


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