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Sony ZX300 appears on FCC website

I wrote about the new ZX300 and A40 in an article in the beginning of the month and at that time only the new A-Series was on the FCC website, but now the ZX300 has finally appeared on the FCC.  This is good news for Walkman fans in the US since this could signal that the new ZX could be on sale along with the new A-Series. Of course a FCC certification does not guarantee that it will be sold in the US, but it definitely helps.  It could mean an early 2018 debut at CES and not in the Fall of 2017, but that remains to be seen.

The new ZX will be similar in design to previous ZX100 but slimmer and will include audio outputs similar to the ZX2.  Micro-SD support remains, controls are now on the side since the device will feature a touch screen.  NFC and bluetooth (probably 4.1) standard as well.  No doubt pricing will not be cheap, expect to pay around 500-800 US dollars.


  1. I liked the NW-ZX100HN, but the lack of a touchscreen really bumped its usefulness down for me as I have a massive amount of music and it became annoying repeatedly clicking through when a touchscreen is far more efficient. They should strive to make life as easy as possible for the end user. Buttons waste time and time is precious. Also, I have a lot of hour+ long mixtapes and there's no way of skipping tracks within the mix. Easily solved with a touchscreen - one could just click the duration bar to a particular timestamp. Moreover, bookmarks cannot be exported as far as I know. There should be a way to export them to a Sony program which allows you to transfer them/do a full copy to another Walkman device. Also, there wasn't enough memory on the NW-ZX100HN so I had to buy a 64GB memory card which still isn't enough. Now I have no option for fear of losing my bookmarks of songs on the SD card. I hope they put at least 500GB of internal storage on this. I'm interested, but only if they solve those issues. Not really liking the waste of space on the front though. They removed the buttons so now the screen looks odd when it could be bigger. Android would be welcome too. And please do away with the horribly fragile proprietary Walkman cable. It's so bad. USB C all the way. :)


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