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NWZ-A845 on sale in Germany

The new A-Series is finally on sale in Germany, but unfortunately only the 16GB model and only in black. The price is rather expensive at 229 euros and deliveries started at the beginning of February.

So has anyone pulled the trigger on one? I unfortunately can’t since I am in Poland and it is not on sale here yet, but at 229 euros for a 16GB model, I will hold out.  Perhaps once the price drops or the 32GB model shows up I will opt for a new mp3 player.

If you have bought one, please do leave a comment and what you think of it.

Link the Sony Germany


  1. found your blog while searching for some accessories for my new A846...

    Bought it in singapore, they are selling both the 16gb and 32gb A series in black only in the Asia-Pacific region, which comes in english (yay!)

    anyway, the player is gorgeous!!!! the only minor gripe is the rather loud hiss in the earphones when not playing anything. Once the music plays it becomes barely noticeable. But still annoying when you plug in expensive headphones and hear hissing...

    also not much by way of functionality compared to the ipod. no alarm clock etc. But i'd rather the sony WM sound ANYTIME over the ipod.

  2. Hi. The sound has completely died on my A845. It began to fizzle out and occassionally returned for a short while after turning it off and leaving it for a while. But now it just looks pretty but remains silent. It is in mint condition and I also invested in the dedicated flip case. So I'm really disappointed.


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