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New E-Series quietly debuts on SonyStyle.ca

Quietly debuting new Walkmans seems to be the desired method of Sony Canada. As with the NWZ-S745, the new E-Series just appeared on the Sony Style Canada website with no press release to even announce it. Rest of the details after the break.

It appears that the Canadian E350 is no different from the US model in terms of functions, but there are differences when it comes to the models available in Canada versus the US and naturally pricing. Of course like the in the US, Canada was also jibbed when it came to the 16GB model. Anyways here is a summary of the Canadian model:

• 4 and 8GB capacities
• 4 GB in black, 8GB in red, black and blue
• $79 Can for 4GB, and $99 Can for 8GB

The 8GB can be pre-ordered and will be available on August 24, while the 4GB model is slated to be available on September 15. An additional note, it appears that there is no silicone case for pre-order on the site, so fail Sony Canada at accessories.

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