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Sony S-Series Disassembled (NW-S745)

I stumbled onto a blog that disassembled a Sony S745 back in March of this year. The website used a Japanese S-Series, NW-S745, but there shouldn’t be any difference in hardware between the NW-S745 and NWZ-S745. The blog states that the CPU is the NEC MC-10118A (EMMA Mobile1-D512). According the Renesas website which manufactures the chip, both the CPU and DSP run at 500Mhz. More information and photos after the break.

Images courtesy of Here

I should point out, none of the photos show the cpu, but I do believe that the blog is correct when it states the CPU is the EM1-D512. From a Renesas PDF, here is a description of the chip found inside the S-Series:

MC-10118A (EMMA Mobile1-D512) is a multimedia processor for mobile applications that integrates a logic chip incorporating a CPU and DSP, and a Mobile DDR SDRAM chip, in one package.

Here are the specifications from the Renesas website.

Here is the block diagram:

So there you have it, a 500Mhz CPU and DSP with 512Mbit of RAM. Not bad for a little walkman if you ask me. According to an AV Watch article, the CPU can output 720x480 which is what the S-Series is capable of using the TV-out. Additionally the CPU can output also 800x480 which is half the resolution of the A-Series OLED screen interestingly enough. If anyone discovers more information with regards to the chip and from the images, please do contact me at ascariss@gmail.com


  1. Thanks! I was curious what was inside. It's a phenomenally good sounding player. I never did listen to music much with my ipod touch and always assumed it was because of its superbly easy interface (before os4) and excellent internet access. One minute with the s745, however, made me realize that the ipod touch played music in a somewhat "grey" fashion that was ultimately boring.
    The S745's sound on the other hand is colourul, vibrant and compelling to listen to for hours on end. I now listen to the S745 while using the ipod touch and enjoy the best there is! Thanks again.

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  3. do u have any idea what model or where i can get a battery replacement other than from sony?

  4. do u have any idea what model or where i can get a battery replacement other than from sony?

  5. I am not sure there are other places where you can get a new battery. I would imagine only Sony could provide the battery.

  6. my nw-s745 language is in japanese please help me to change it to english

  7. Hi is there a way to change language from Japanese to English? maybe by hacking it's software?

  8. Hy plz help me to change language on my nw-s745 from Japanese to English

    1. Don't think that is possible, unless you flash international firmware on it, but I would not recommend that since it could brick the device.


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