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Sony IFA 2010 Press Conference (Final Update)

Sony will be broadcasting their IFA Press Conference live. The show begins at 17:00 local time, here are the times for other areas.

So far no video at the link that Sony provided, stay tuned. You can always check out the official Sony Twitter feed for updates

Check out the Engadget Live blog from the Event Here

It appears Sony is slowing adding more press releases from IFA, it doesn't look like there will be anything with regards to a new Walkman. Final update after the break.

Apart from non-existent video of the event, which was supposed to be present on the Sony Europe Press site, Sony has delivered jack at this year's IFA once again. If last year is anything to go by, then perhaps some videos of the new E-Series will go up on Sony's youtube site but otherwise I don't foresee anything new at IFA. With Apple's press conference due at 19:00 CET, Sony will yet again play second fiddle to any new products at the Apple event.

The only thing to look forward to is another Sony Dealer convention like last year for any new products.


  1. Need a new x series walkman maan!!

  2. I agree, but doesn't look like Sony has anything coming up at least at IFA.


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