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Maxell Cylindrical Speaker dock for the Walkman

Maxell has unveiled its first "Designed for Walkman" speaker dock for the Walkman, the MXSP-1200WM.  Due March 3rd (Japan only) in 2 colours navy and orange with an expected retail price of around 9000 yen or 79 euros.  The dock features the WM-Port so any Walkman with the port will work with the dock.  Output is 4.2W x 2ch with a playback frequency of 80Hz - 20kHz.  A remote comes included with play/pause/forward/backward and volume control buttons. Although not a clock, a sleep timer is included which can be set for 60 minutes.  A 3.5mm stereo input is included for connection of non-Walkman products.

One interesting note, the AC adapter will accept any worldwide voltage of 100-240V at 50/60Hz, meaning this could be easily imported anywhere and would work just fine.  I doubt this will be sold outside of Japan, but who knows, perhaps at IFA there will be some "Designed for Walkman" products.

More photos after the break.

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Sources: AV-Watch, Maxell Press

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