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(Rumour) Sony NWZ-E460

This was inevitable, like with the previous E-Series, there were 2 versions, so it only makes sense to have 2 versions this time around.  I found the information via a Korean website which states Sony submitted the new E460 for "radio certification" on June 16th 2011.  It seems that the E460 will ship in 3 capacities, 4, 8 and 16 GB:

NWZ-E463 - 4 GB
NWZ-E464 - 8 GB
NWZ-E465 - 16 GB

Apart from capacity information, little else seems to be revealed by the filing, but it is safe to assume that the only major difference will be the addition of a WM-Port instead of a USB port and possibly different colour options.  If anyone has anymore information or is able to read Korean and can grab any additional information from the certification photos, please post a comment or email me.  Images of the certification after the break.



  1. Seriously, when's the 16gb coming to the US?

  2. Have you seen this? Sony Media Go 1.7 released back in April adds support for NWZ-E460 NWZ-S760 NWZ-A860, includes pics. Haven't been able to verify, official site does not mention Walkman support but it does support the current Walkman models as I use it myself.


  3. Hi there, those are not the new models, but old models, and wrong names or just wrong photos.

  4. There is no information if this will be sold in the US, I would imagine the E360 will be on sale in the US, not the E460


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