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Sony NWZ-A860 and NWZ-S760 Info and Pricing

It appears 2 new models have appeared on the FCC website, the new A-Series (right) and S-Series (left)

According to CNET the A-Series will ship with an OLED screen, larger than the current model's screen size of 2.8 inches, most likely 3.0 inches.  As for the S-Series, it should feature a TruBlack LCD display.

The new A-Series will come in 4 capacities, 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB and ship with MDR-EX0300 headphones, at least this is what was tested with the A-Series in the FCC report.  The MDR-EX0300 headphones ship with the S640 in Japan and are not Noise-Cancellation headphones, so perhaps the production A-Series will come with the same headphones as the current A-Series.

The new S-Series will be available in 2 capacities, 8 and 16 GB and will ship with MDR-EX083 headphones which don't appear to be that great and are not in-ear headphones.  CNET has a bit more info on colours and pricing, which could mean that the product announced is due soon, but the pricing I would not take too seriously since all CNET did was convert current Euro model prices to US, which is inaccurate.

I should also mention that both models have went thru certification in South Korea which means that these 2 models will be global.  Product announcements should take place at IFA 2011. Pricing after the break.

Prices from amazon.de:
NWZ-S764 - 129 Euros
NWZ-S765 - 149 Euros

NWZ-A864 - 159 Euros
NWZ-A865 - 189 Euros
NWZ-A866 - 249 Euros
NWZ-A867 - 349 Euros

Thanks Ben for the heads up.


Anyways that is it for now, if anyone has anymore information or photos please contact me at ascariss@gmail.com


  1. Thanks for the info ascariss. I note a couple of things about the a-series: (1) it must be coming with NC given the symbol above the headphone jack & (2) the dimensions of the device and the number of buttons on the side seem to strongly point to a touch interface (i.e. there looks like back/pause/fwd buttons as well as the usual volume buttons).

    So assuming CNet is right about Android not being the OS then it's looking like the new a-series will be a follow up to the x-series.

    You agree?

  2. This is exciting! I hope the A-series makes it to the U.S. and Canada. Would love a 64GB player from Sony.

  3. The new A series will be on sale in Canada and the US.

    And yes Bob I agree, it appears to be a similar design to the X, with either the NC switch in the middle or that's a hold button. It will be interesting to see what resolution the screen will have, hopefully higher than the current A-Series screen or the X-Series screen.

  4. Cheers ascariss - yes resolution will be interesting to see. I also am interested to see whether they make any advancements re sound - its been a while since the last a-series so here' hoping they have made some improvements - I also hope they allow on the go playlists and delete songs on the player etc but assuming this isn't an Android OS and still the same OS then those changes would be a big surprise...

  5. Hi. Do you have any info regarding the EU volume limit restriction? Thanks.

  6. To enter the service menu and attempt to bypass the volume issue, you can try checking out this thread


    But I do warn you, enter the service menu at your own risk and the directions may not always work for other walkmans.

  7. Thank you, Ascariss. Sorry, my previous question was a little bit confusing. I wanted to find out, if these 2 new models will have their volume capped (items produced for EU market/customers)? That would be sad, but importing is not an issue ... (?). Thanks again. Regards, Zoltie bit confusing. I wanted to find out, if these 2 new models will have their volume capped (items produced for EU market/customers)? That would be sad, but importing is not an issue ... (?). Thanks again. Regards, Zolti

  8. Like most new Sony players these should be capped, but to what extent I am not sure, since from personal experience the X-Series in the EU is capped but was louder (at same volume setting) than the current A series which is also capped

  9. COME ON!

    Hurry up, Sony! :(

    I really want my MP3 player..

    Bring all the cool Walkman to the United States.

  10. I agree with the earlier poster about on the go deleting/playlists.

    If they are featured then I'm definately buying the NWZ-A867 to replace my X series, if not then I will probably turn my back on Walkman.


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