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Sony NWZ-E463/E464 Photos Walkman (Update)

Well another Walkman leaked...well not really, just the new NWZ-E460 model, which will come in 2 capacities, 4 and 8 GB with pricing around 70 Euros for the 4GB model and 90-100 Euros for the 8 GB model.  Headphones will be the MDR-EX083, which is not the pair in the photo (MDR-EX082).  The new E-Series will come in 5 colours, black, red, pink, green and blue.  No information about release date but Amazon.de states 1-2 months before they become available.

Other information is 50 hours of battery life, FM radio, SenseMe function, voice recording, dynamic normalizers and Qriocity compatible which is not a surprise.  An announcement should be coming soon for the new E-Series (I hope) along with new S-Series and A-Series.

According to Amazon.co.uk, the new E-series will be available on July 27, Play.com will have the player available on July 31st.

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  1. I tried to leave a comment via my phone earlier in the day but not sure whether it worked. In case it didn't... my query was how Qriocity would be supported on this player given Qriocity is a streaming service requiring at least wifi on the player and if possible 3G, so as to be able to stream the music from Sony's servers. I assume this e-series doesn't have either wifi or 3G. Am I missing something or misunderstanding something? Any ideas???

  2. Well all the german sites, including Amazon state as the new E being Qriocity compatible. I am confused as well, perhaps an update to the service is coming in the fall which will permit users to buy songs?

  3. Yes that's true. I hadn't thought about them adding a download option. Although, even then i'm not sure why the device would need to be Qriocity compatible. If you could download songs they wouldn't be directly to the player but to a pc/mac. From there to the player it would just be an mp3.

    Unless..... they make downloaded songs from Qriocity DRM in some way and the 'Qriocity Compatible' label is there to show that the player can play that format. That would make some sense but would be viewed by most of the world as a backward step. I can see the value in it though if you didn't have to pay extra to download each track. In other words if you paid a monthly fee and could stream all you wanted plus you could download all you wanted and transfer to any devices that could play the Qriocity format. In some ways that would be better than Apple's Music Match service. Interesting thought anyway...

  4. I assume this e-series doesn't have either wifi or 3G. Interesting thought anyway… I like the colors scheme.

  5. It is said it 8 GB. But it is not true. It is just 6 GB. It is a scam. Shame on sony.

  6. This is not a scam, all storage devices have different capacitiea than the ones quoted

  7. How on earth do you transfer videos to the walkman NWZ E464? It was not compatible with itunes so I downloaded Media go, rented a video but STILL not compatible. Surely SONY software should sell videos in a format compatible with a SONY product. We have a very disappointed daughter who got the walkman for Xmas and a very disappointed oarent who bought it.

  8. Hi there, truthfully none of the walkman players are any good for video due to the small screen.

    The E series supports MPEG-4, AVC (H.264/AVC), and WMV 9. Media Go should convert the videos for your walkman, so i am not sure what the issue here is.

    Have you visited this link:


    What file format are the videos from Media go in?

  9. Impossible to use on vista, downloading media go :| SO ANNOYING. Even sony doesnt even provide drivers. :|

  10. Can u pls tell me how to add lyrics for the songs? and some free .lrc sites? and how karoke works??

  11. To add lyrics you need to make a lrc file.


    here is a the best tutorial to make the lyrics actually, with some links to lrc sites near the bottom of the wiki article. Here is a link to an online lrc generator, have not used to so no clue how effective it is.


    The karaoke function doesn't work that well in my experience, it just cuts out some of the frequencies but you can still hear the vocals.

  12. Just a little disappointed (by about 45 hrs)... I was totally looking forward to this huge battery life the E-series was supposed to have. 50 hours! WOW! Well of course I didn't expect quite that much since not all my songs are encoded at 128kbps but I thought I'd get better than 5 hours. Now five months after I bought my pink Valentine's E464 the battery dies at about one bar per day when I'm not even using it. It went so low I had to reset the date.
    Well it's probably a defective battery...and guess what? The Warranty excludes batteries. If I try really hard I can understand that policy but I'd sure hate to put the money out for a new battery (parts & labor) just to find out the player actually is malfunctioning and killing batteries. I think the warranty should cover the battery for at least 90 days. Even if you're playing video 18 hours a day (highly unlikely) that's still only 180 charges. The battery is supposed to be good for 500. Another reason for a limited warranty on the battery is I can't change it myself. Actually I'm pretty sure I probably can but if I do that's it... warranty void! I haven't checked the price of a new battery but if it's over half what the E464 cost me (which was a deal at $49.99 w/RDP-NWT16 speaker) it's going to end up at the recyclers. For now I still get around five hours play out of it which is about the same as the lower level players for the same price. -sigh-


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