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Sony Walkman goes wireless

Sony has finally announced the new Walkman range which includes the new A-Series, S-Series, E-Series and W-Series.  The new A-Series comes with a S-Master MX Digital amp, a 2.8inch LCD touchscreen and Bluetooth.  I guess that OLED got lost somewhere along the way to the announcement.  Full Press release after the break.

Stylish, colourful video MP3 players from Sony include new A-Series and S-Series with Bluetooth streaming
  • Walkman NWZ-A860 series: premium design and sound quality with S-Master MX Digital Amplifier, 2.8” LCD responsive touch panel, Bluetooth wireless experience
  • Walkman NWZ-S760 series: slim and stylish with high quality sound, Bluetooth wireless experience, long 50hr battery life
  • Walkman NWZ-E460 series: colourful design with superior sound and rich bass, long 50hr battery life plus fun Karaoke and lyrics display
  • Walkman® NWZ-W260 series: water-resistant, wire-free, washable, wearable– and lighter than ever with new comfort fit
Treat yourself to a richer, more satisfying soundtrack with this season’s Walkman line-up. From the superlative audio quality of Walkman A860 series to the colourful looks and fun features of Walkman E460 series, you’ll find the perfect MP3 or video MP3 player from Sony.

The new Walkman A860, S760 and E460 series share a sleek, curvaceous new design and feature generous battery life for longer listening. All three new models come supplied with MediaGo software for easy drag-and-drop transfer of music, videos and photos from Windows® Explorer or iTunes.

Unique to Sony, Clear Audio Technologies assure superior sound quality. It’s easy to create themed music channels with SensMe™ that automatically categorizes your music tracks into different channels. Other fun features shared by the new models include Karaoke Mode, synchronised lyrics display and a language learning function.

A860 and S760models introduce streaming via Bluetooth to wireless headphones, compatible speaker docks, car audio head units and other devices. Bluetooth connectivity on Walkman A860 and S760 also lets you wirelessly share stored personal photos with compatible mobile phones.

Ultimate audiophile sound: Walkman NWZ-A860 series video MP3 player
This season’s best-ever Walkman® range is headed by the stunningly styled new NWZ-A860 series video MP3 player.

Taking premium sound to new heights, the beautiful Walkman A860 is loaded with five Clear Audio Technologies. New-generation S-Master MX digital amplifier technology by Sony reduces noise levels and distortion still further, ensuring that your favourite tunes sound better than ever.

The generously-sized 2.8” LCD touch-screen gives a superb view of your photos, videos and album artwork. Together with an intuitive new interface, the big, bright screen makes fingertip browsing through your personal content collection even more satisfying.

Wireless experience and high quality sound: Walkman® NWZ-S760 series video MP3 player

Step up to the freedom and convenience of wire-free listening and Bluetooth connectivity with the slim, stylish Walkman NWZ-S760 series.

Legendary sound is assured by four Clear Audio Technologies (Clear Bass, Clear Stereo, DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine), EX headphones). You’ll enjoy listening for longer with a generous battery life of 50hrs (audio) / 10hrs (video).

A perfect partner for other compatible Walkman models, the MDR-NWBT10 Bluetooth headphones comes as an optional accessory and offers superb wire-free sound. Charge the headphone’s battery via your PC or directly from Walkman, then enjoy up to 4 hours of listening. Fingertip controls allow fumble-free adjustment of volume and play/pause/previous/next track selection, even when Walkman® itself is buried deep in a pocket or bag.

Also available, the NWZ-S763BT Bluetooth headphone bundle model comes supplied with MDR-NWBT10 headphones. These allow easy wireless listening without the need for users to set up Bluetooth® device ‘pairing’ between MP3 player and headphones.

Colourful styling, great sound and fun features: Walkman NWZ-E460 series video MP3 player
Your colourful entry into the world of Walkman with video, the new NWZ-E460 series sounds as good as it look.

New EX headphones plus Clear Audio Technologies by Sony (Clear Bass, Clear Stereo and DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) to enhance the quality of compressed audio files) ensure high quality Walkman sound. Battery life is a generous 50hr (audio)/10hr (video), giving plenty of stamina for that lengthy flight, daily commute or weekends away

Water resistant, wire-free, washable, wearable Walkman NWZ-W260 series MP3 player

25% lighter than its predecessor and featuring an even more comfortable fit, the all-in-one Walkman NWZ-W260 series is perfect for sports and active lifestyles. Wear it in the gym, while you’re jogging, or even during that post-workout shower.

Supplied Content Transfer software simplifies drag-and-drop file from your PC or iTunes library.  A quick 3-minute charge provides enough power for 60 minutes of listening time, while a fully-charged battery gives up to 8 hours of uninterrupted listening– enough for the longest workout.

ZAPPIN™ song search technology lets you browse quickly through all your music, previewing a snatch of each track without fiddly searches through menus or playlists.

The new Walkman range of MP3 and video MP3 players is available from end August 2011.

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  1. is the a860 touchscreen capacitive??

  2. I have contacted sony to clarify what kind of screen it is.

  3. keep it posted yea...but d screen shud hv been oled instead of lcd..... thn power consumption would hv been lower ..

  4. Is it a given that the A-series will come in 32gb and 64 gb capacities in North America? Other North American sites are indicating it is a 16gb player. The only site speculating that Sony should be offering 32 and 64 gb when they go on sale is a UK site reporting on the new players. I will be so frustrated if they decide to release the A-series over here with only a max of 16gb.

  5. The only thing that interests me about this announcement is that the a-series will have "New-generation S-Master MX digital amplifier technology". a far superior sound quality may convince me to upgrade but the rest of the details are pretty disappointing - especially that the screen is small (2.8"), & LCD rather than OLED, and no NC.

  6. dam yea, sony shud evn hav made a bluetooth sterio headset and bundle with d a series player too , sumthn of formfactor of the w series player or sumthn like nokia bh-505 !!

  7. I can't get over how retarded it is that they're capping it at 16gb for the US, especially for the A series. The main benefit of having a touchscreen music player is that you can easily browse through larger music collections. I was so hoping for a 32gb A or S series... damn Sony.

  8. ascariss - what do you think about these latest offerings - excited? disappointed? 50/50? Or are you waiting to test the final product before passing judgement?

  9. Well I'm writing a small post with my take on the new walkmans and should have it up around tomrrowish.

  10. am seeing sme blogs say the a860 gt a microsd crd slot too it seems, tat true? Or tats crap info?am seeing sme blogs say the a860 gt a microsd crd slot too it seems, tat true? Or tats crap info?

  11. Nice and really detailed! I am very impressed with the post and the model!! They didnt leave a single detail to chance!! Good job!!

  12. can someone tell me whats the input voltage of the ac adapter of Sony SRS-NWGU50 speaker? thanx


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