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NWZ-B173 Review from MSN UK

MSN recently reviewed the new B-Series and gave it a whopping 3.5/5.  Not surprised, it is a nice player but lacking FM amd the mediocre format support like all other Sony players are unfortunate.

The Rundown

What is it?
Sony's entry level Walkman with a fast-charge option for a quick sound blast.

What's great
Sound quality excellent for such a small player; clever design; small, lightweight footprint; easy to sync with a Windows PC; good battery life.

What's not
User interface difficult to navigate and counter-intuitive in places; disappointing lack of format support; no FM radio.

The bottom line
Worth considering if you're looking for a slim, handy companion to accompany you to the gym, but the awkward user interface will put off anyone who likes to browse their collection.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, just wanted to say that I bought an nwz-b172 today, and despite fully charging it it won't work.

    I'm commenting because I think this might be a common problem with the 172 (and perhaps with the 173). Does anyone know if it is?


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