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Sony Walkman S760 "Hatsune Miku" Special Edition

Special edition Walkman players are a normal occurrence in Japan.  This time around the special edition is based on Hatsune Miku, the virtual singer for its 5th Anniversary.  There will be 3 different models. black, blue, and blue with speaker dock, with only an 8GB version available.  Pricing is 12,800 Yen, or 133 Euro/$160US for the standard model and the speaker dock model coming in at 15,800 Yen or 160 Euro/$200 US.  Only 3939 will be made of each version with a total of 11,817 units.  Rest of the information after the break.

There was early registration setup for eager fans and it apparently it filled up pretty fast, but I have no idea how many early hopefuls got their hands on one.  The rest of the available units will go on sale from mid August.

There is a youtube video about the singer in Japanese fortunately by clicking the caption, you can turn on the subtitles in English.


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