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Games on new E-Series (update)

Some how I missed this but the new E-Series comes with 2 built in games, a fantasy bubble combat game, Puyo POP FEVER and Number Place which is a Sudoku-like game.

I checked the S-Series on various sites and it appears it is only available on the Finnish Sony site and it mentions no games, only the E470 and E570.  I am not sure if the images above show both games but if anyone is able to read the titles and writing please post below.

update: Owning a E570 myself, I have tried out the games and both work fine but the bubble game is difficult to play due to the small nature of the screen.  I have tried both and wouldn't see myself playing them if I have a smartphone.  The Puyo POP FEVER is a Sega game and Number Place is by Hi Corp.


  1. Is it possible to play these games on sony nwz e463 player?

  2. I don't think it is possible since it has to be included in the firmware.

  3. do you think that can i download new games or...sony will put new games with a new firmware update? =/


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