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CES 2014

It is that time of the year again where CES arrives with all the new goodies for the new year.  I am not expecting much from the Walkman camp, perhaps just US releases of already announced products like the updated F-Series and the new ZX1.  Although perhaps Sony will surprise us all and announce something new.  Personally I'd like to see more accessories, like the MDR-NWBT20N.  If it is not announced, I will have to order one from Japan.

As for non-walkman announcements, I would love to see an 8-inch Sony Vaio tablet running windows 8.1 with dual boot of Android OS.

Link to the press release regarding CES and streaming of the live event

The press conference is live, January 7th at 1am GMT, which is 17:00 (PST) local time in Las Vegas on the 6th of January.

btw I seem to be missing a CES 2013 post, not sure how that happened.

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