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Sony Europe Introduces the M-Series, quietly (NWZ-M504)

Sony Walkman NWZ-M504, NWZ-500
Sony Europe has quietly introduced the M-Series Walkman that is already on sale in Japan.  Unlike the model in Japan which tops out at 16GB, the international model will only ship in 8 GB and black.  The international model is identical to the Japanese one, except no ATRAC support.

Features include:
  • S-Master MX Digital amp
  • OLED display (128 x 36 px)
  • Ultra-clear Digital Noise Cancelling technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity via NFC
  • FM tuner
  • Dynamic Equalizer, Clear Phase, Clear Bass 
The device will support MP3, WMA, AAC and linear PCM. 

Battery life is rated at:
  • Digital noise-canceling function OFF: 15 hrs (MP3)
  • Digital noise canceling function ON : 12 hrs (MP3)
  • Bluetooth with digital noise canceling OFF: 10 hrs
  • Bluetooth with digital noise canceling ON: 9hrs
Availability will be beginning of October on the Sony Store website.  I have checked Sony Malaysia, Sony Hong Kong, Sony Korea and Sony Taiwan, but nothing so far.  Price for various EU countries after the break.

Sony UK - no price
Sony Poland - 620pln
Sony CZ - 4100 Cz Kr
France - 149 euros
Austria - 149 euros
Belgium - 149 euros
Holland - 149 euros
Germany - 149 euros
Portugal - 149 euros
Greece - 149 euros
Italy - 149 euros
Spain - 149 euros
Finland - 179 euros
Macedonia - no price
Estonia - no price
Latvia - no price
Bulgaria - no price
Sweden - 1500 Swedisk kr
Croatia - no price
Slovenia - no price
Hungary - no price
Norway - 1500 Norwegian Kr
Slovakia - no price
Romania - no price
Serbia - no price
Denmark - 1250 Danish kr

Sony Walkman NWZ-M504, NWZ-M500

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  1. Costs $149. Earphones colour is default black whichever colour u buy


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