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Reviews coming up this weekend (update)

Hey everyone, sorry for no new posts, but I have the reviews of the M-series and new A-series in the works and hopefully both will be up this weekend.  Stay tuned.

No reviews yet, they are not done, I have been too busy to write up proper reviews.  The M-series is almost done, but I have yet to fully test the A-series.  Apologies.


I wish I had free time to write up the reviews, but I do no due to my anesthesiology classes and other obligations at med school, so I apologize.  I am testing both the M and A series and will post up reviews once I get some free time in.


  1. video review please ..
    revision en vídeo por favor..

  2. Awesome, thanks! The A17 looks fantastic. Hope Sony keeps up this line, I prefer my NWZ-E465 to my iPod Touch 5th gen and was a bit nervous that if/when the E465 breaks there'd be no suitable replacement from Sony. Pretty disappointing that they've been taking the Podcast player off the models in the past couple years - that's the best feature IMO for audiobooks.

  3. I guess you forgot about the site :(

    1. I have anesthesiology classes in the morning and other oligations in my last year of med school so unfortunately they come first before any reviews. I have been testing the A and M series a lot in the past 2 weeks. I'd rather put a review that is of longer term than just a few days like other sites do.

      I am sorry if you were expecting a review right away, I wish I had free time but I just don't at this moment.

  4. We'll wait patiently :)!
    C'mon guys he is doing this in his spare time and nobody pays home to write reviews! Just wait and see!
    Besides I'm a med student too, at my fifth year (of six)... And I can assure you that the free time it's not that much...! Between working in the hospital, lessons in the afternoon and studying in the evening I'm very full! XD
    Take your time and do what you feel right! I'll gladly watch a video review of the A series from you in the (near) future!

  5. Do a video review and save you the minutes of typing it up!

  6. I'm from Hong Kong and bought a NW-A17 for a few weeks. Here is a comparison of it and my previous music players on fb.

    Sorry, it's in Cantonese.


  7. I just wished that this player would be gapless with Mp3. Unfortunately my whole collection ain't FLAC only :'(


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