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Sony CES 2015

Sony released their CES 2015 teaser in late December, but there was no point in posting it since it offered nothing new.  As for speculating what is in the video, I'll just say this, the first product could be 2 things, a really thin TV (OLED or LCD) or a large tablet running android.  Here is the video to the press conference which will take place on January 5th, 5 pm Local time (PST)

January 6th, 8 PM EST (New York)
January 6th, 2 AM CET (Paris), 1 hour earlier for London
January 6th, 10 AM (Tokyo)
January 6th, 12 PM (Sydney)

Here is what to expect so far:
Personally not sure what I would like to see, definitely a new camera/phone concept with a larger sensor, something similar to what Panasonic showed but thinner.   A windows tablet would be great but with VAIO sold, do not believe we will see any Xperia running windows anytime soon.

Here is to hoping Sony still has some surprises for us at the show this year.

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