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Sony A-Series to receive LDAC support in Japan in April

Thanks to +Kherlen for bringing this to my attention.  For the moment, it seems to be only limited to the Japanese model.  As far as I know there are only a few products that support LDAC, apart from the new ZX2, there are also 2 wireless speakers, SRS-X55 and SRS-X33.  The speakers are available in the US and Japan for the time being, so not sure if the LDAC update will hit everywhere, maybe only to US and Japan.  It states around April 2015, so perhaps by then the new speakers will be release in other areas?  Perhaps the update MDR-1ABT (FCC link) and MDR-ZX770 (will have 2 models, Bluetooth only and Bluetooth with Noise cancellation) will feature LDAC.  Realistically I feel only the MDR-1ABTs will come with LDAC support.

Source: Sony Japan

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  1. So LDAC is not limited to hardware? That means SRS-X9 can be upgraded as well with a firmware update!


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