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Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain Special Edition Walkams Released in Japan

To coincide with the release of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, Sony Japan has released a special edition of the ZX2 and A16 Walkman.  The ZX2 will priced at 140,000 Yen (1020 Euros) and the A-Series at 28,000 Yen (around 200 Euros).  Both features special engraving from The Phantom Pain game and come pre-loaded with the full soundtrack in High Definition.  In addition special wallpapers are also provided.  Apart from the fact the ZX2 is priced in the region of ridiculous like the regular model, I feel the A-Series is a much better purchase for the average Walkman fan who does not have a grand to shell out on another device.

While I rarely post any special editions since they are usually limited to Japan, I will mention that most come out near the end of a product's life cycle, meaning a new model is coming soon to replace it.  The new A20 Walkman is coming at IFA and so is a new ZX model, but if it will replace the ZX2 remains to be seen.

Source: AV-Watch

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  1. On the Playstation Blog I saw that in the mp3 players there will be ssome MGS songs :D
    it would be sweet if you could put your hands on those :O


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