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New Sony WM1-Series Walkman coming at IFA?

Apart from the new A-Series, Sony will be introducing another Walkman this year, possibly a WM1-Series or WM-Series.  The FCC has 2 models up on its site, the WM1A and WM1Z.  The only difference I can see in the documents is the bluetooth versions, the WM1A will feature bluetooth low energy, version 4.0, and the WM1Z will feature bluetooth classic, or version 3.0.  The difference in bluetooth should allow for an increase in bluetooth play time and lower latency. In addition both devices will feature NFC.  Whatever this new Walkman is, it might be either a higher end model to be positioned between the new A30 and the ZX100, or it could be part of the larger W-Series family (W, WH, WS) which could mean this new WM-Series would be a headphone based digital music player.  Regardless what this new device will turn out to be, exciting to see that Sony will not be abandoning the brand anytime soon.

Source: FCC, Postel

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Btw if anyone has anymore information or photos regarding the new WM1A/Z or A30 Walkmans, please feel free to email me: ascariss@gmail.com



  1. Or maybe,the name WM1-series is merely an acronym for WalkMan 1. A temporary name to keep us in the dark?

    1. The model names in the FCC docs are usually final, like the NWZ-A10, NW-A20, NW-A30 and also for the NW-WM1.

  2. Exciting news, indeed! I hope it's a new flagship.


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