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Sony Signature Series Show up on Amazon

Sony's Signature Series has shown up at Amazon.com but no shipping information or availability is provided.  Pricing is expensive as expected, $3,199 USD for the Walkman, $2,999 USD for the headphones, and $2,199 for the AMP, a total of $8,397 USD.  Ouch is one way to describe it. I still cannot find the less expensive WM1A Walkman, so perhaps that will ship later.  So anyone willing to pull the trigger and pick up one or all?  Also still nothing on the new A-Series, it has not appeared on Sony.com or even any of the European Sony websites.  So perhaps the rumours of early 2017 for availability are correct?

Or instead of dropping so much on headphones, why not grab last year's Z7 headphones, which while not as new or super high end, still offer great sound and are more affordable.


  1. I'm just hoping the A30 doesn't show up on the European market. With all its bright colours and matching headphones it seems perfect for the Japanese market. Let Europe get something more grown-up, like a thinner version of the ZX100.

    1. Maybe it won't launch in Europe this year, but I wouldn't expect any other high end player for europe for a while, at least not this year, maybe at CES next year. But most people can't afford the new WM1 series, so maybe Sony will have another player between A30 and WM1.

    2. That would the nw-zx100, sub 700usd Walkman


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