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Sony NW-A35/A37 Walkman Shows up on Amazon

The new A-Series has shown up on Amazon finally.  But it is not directly from Amazon but from resellers, all are from Japan, so the model shipping will be the Japanese one.  Pricing is around $300 USD for the A35 and $530-560 USD for the A37, all 5 colours are available for both versions.  If anyone has decided to grab one from Amazon let me know if it is worth the cost.

In other news, the new A-Series has appeared on the Sony Europe Support website.  So either this is a mistake or perhaps the new A-Series will be launching in Europe later this year.  If nothing appears before Christmas then perhaps early 2017 after CES.




  1. no clear bass = no sale.

    major error on Sony's behalf doing away with the one feature that really set them above the rest of the competition.

  2. the sony a 35 is a good stuff that provide high quality music with HD touch screen . however , it cause a big trouble for the user as it does not have search tool for user to find the song they wanna listen .


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