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Sony Japan Introduces New A-Series and S-Series Walkman

This was no surprise, Sony Japan has decided to introduce the new Walkman A and S-Series to Japan.  The mystery of what happened to the Noise Cancellation on the EU/US model is now solved, it is from the Japanese model.  Even the new S-Series features noise cancellation.

The new A-Series will come in 3 capacities (16, 32, 64GB) and 3 colours (pink, white, black), although a photo of a blue A-Series is on the Walkman website, this is a Limited Edition model which will only be available exclusively via the Sony Store and only in 64 GB.

The standard non-bluetooth S-Serie will come in 3 capacities (8, 16, 32GB) and 8 colours (Blue / Vivid Pink / Green / Light /Purple / Gold / White / Black).  The K model with the speaker stand also ships in the same 8 colours but only 8 anad 16 GB sizes.  Finally the bluetooth equipped model ships only in 8 GB sizes and with 4 colours (Vivid pink / blue / white / black).

Finally one interesting note, the radio frequency is all the way up to 108Mhz.  Release date is Early October with open pricing.

Link to S-Series Gallery http://www.sony.jp/walkman/photogallery/s760series/

Press release http://www.sony.jp/CorporateCruise/Press/201109/11-0913C/

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